ŠKODA Museum in Mladá Boleslav

News & Press releases

Vaclav Restaurant closed - 26.9.2016 from 4 pm - Vaclav Restaurant closed.

Shop closed - On September 30st will be the shop due to inventorying closed.

Vaclav Restaurant closed - 26.8.2016 Vaclav Restaurant closed till 2 pm.

Factory tours for children - Factory tours are available to visitors over 10 years of age. Newly set age limit is valid for all reservations made after 1. 8. 2016.

Part of ŠKODA Museum closed - 17.,18.,19.,22.,23.,25.,29.,30. a 31.8.2016 - Part of exhibition closed.

Parking Area closed - 3.9.2016 to 11:00 am - Parking Area in front of ŠKODA Museum and behind Customer Center closed.