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Museum for families with children

The Museum offers a number of entertainment opportunities for children, such as a functional crankshaft model in the technological gallery, books for children in the reading room, the Little Mole and a Car movie, and many others.

Children from 10 years of age are welcome to visit the company’s production halls, too (working days only, visits to be booked in advance at the Visitor Service).

Guided Museum tours for children

Museum tours for children are guided by a Škoda mascot who starts the tour by inviting the kids to take an adventurous journey through the newly reconstructed Museum and join him for a variety of tasks relevant to the new presentation. Tour worksheets for children can be picked up at the Museum’s reception or downloaded here.

Other information

The Škoda Museum organises a number of cultural, educational and entertainment events for children – please see the current programme for details. The Children’s Corner offers space for games and relaxation, including popular Škoda balance bikes.

The equipment of the non-smoking VÁCLAV Café/Restaurant includes high chairs for children and a children’s corner. The menu is designed to appeal to both adults and children. The Museum shop offers a variety of products for children, for example colouring books, memory games, badges, etc. from the latest collections of Škoda promotional objects. The Museum also has a nappy changing table, and the building is barrier-free, i.e. it is no problem to take a Museum tour with a pram or pushchair.

Tours are booked on

Activities for children

The Museum holds a number of regular cultural and entertainment events designed for children, including worksheet-aided tours, children’s afternoons, summer school, January half-term holidays, and many others.

Worksheets to download (czech only)

Pro mateřské školy

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Pro ZŠ: 1. - 2. třída

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Pro ZŠ: 3. - 5. třída

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Pro ZŠ: 6. - 9. třída

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Barrier-free access

Wheelchaired persons and sight-handicapped visitors are welcome. Wheelchairs are available in the reception area.

Otevírací doba

Rádi u nás přivítáme i vozíčkáře a osoby se zrakovým znevýhodněním. Invalidní vozík je k zapůjčení na recepci muzea

Parking spaces for people who use wheelchairs are located next to the Museum building. Although the main entrance is barrier-free, it is slightly uphill, which is why visitors who use wheelchairs are recommended to use the door on the right sidewall of the main glazed foyer. This door can be opened by pressing a button on the wall.

Except for the sports-car and prototype depository, the car-shelf gallery and the Hieronimus III exhibition room, the Museum premises are completely barrier-free. Wheelchair si available in the reception area.

Visually impaired visitors

Visually impaired visitors are welcome. To a large extent, the Museum is lit by daylight, and we therefore recommend coming at times when the daylight intensity is highest.
To make sure that a guide will be available, it is recommended to book visits for visually impaired persons in advance on +420 326 8 31134, 31137. Large-font and Braille books with a short text about the company founders and a description of 10 vehicles representing the most important production milestones are downloadable from the website and also available at the reception desk. The "Evolution" part of the presentation is designed to enable visually impaired visitors to touch and feel these vehicles and the statues of the founders.


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