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The birth house of Ferdinand Porsche in Liberec — Vratislavice is a place where the roots of individual mobility meet the trends of the future. It is reminiscent of the Czech industrial tradition, local engineering craftsmanship and excitement for technology. Since 2011 the birth house has been the property of Škoda Auto; in 2016 its extensive reconstruction started, aimed at returning the building the parameters and appearance it had in 1875, when the renowned designer Ferdinand Porsche was born there. The modern, interactive exhibition captivates visitors and invites them to discover the world of engineering and technology, the location’s rich history, as well as the future of mobility. Adjacent, there is a new building where the visitors can find a cash office, gift shop and a refreshments room.

Current events in the Birth House

On the Wave of e-Mobility

Exhibition open until 27 October 2024.

The exhibition presents Ferdinand Porsche, one of the pioneers of e-mobility, and surprisingly rich history of electrified propulsion systems in L&K and Škoda cars from Mladá Boleslav.

Current car exhibit

POrsche 918 Spyder

Explore the new car exhibit in F. Porsche Birth House, the Porchse 918 Spyder from 2015. Exhibit can be seen until 9 March 2025.

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In 1875, the house at Tanvaldská street 38 in Vratislavice saw the birth of Ferdinand Porsche, who rose to fame as an automobile designer and creator of the first Volkswagen car called the Beetle. The residential building was simultaneously used by Ferdinand’s father Anton Porsche as a tinsmith workshop. It was here that Ferdinand Porsche spent his childhood and youth, training as a tinsmith at the family firm, creating his first designs and carrying out experiments with electricity that ultimately led to wiring the whole building.

Ferdinand Porsche lived in the house until 1893 when he relocated to Vienna. However, he would often return to Vratislavice to visit his parents, and in 1903, he introduced his bride-to-be, Aloisia Kaes, to them here. The young couple made the journey from Vienna to Vratislavice in a Lohner-Porsche Mixte with a petrol/electric hybrid drive that Ferdinand Porsche designed himself.

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ferdinand porsche birth house

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ferdinand porsche birth house


Ferdinand Porsche Birth House
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Limited numebr of parking places directly in Birth House premises.