Cirk La Putyka Senses

Evening show

Cirk La Putyka Senses

22. 10. 2023


Sunday 22 October 2023 | from 7:00 p.m.
Škoda Museum | L&K Forum
Admission CZK 390 –⁠ 490 


Senses is a new show from the Finnish director Maksim Komaro, who collaborated with Cirk La Putyka on many previous successful shows such as IsoleBatacchioKaleidoscope and Slapstick Sonata. Due to the common history of the director and the ensemble, which began already in 2011, Maksim Komaro decided to create a performance celebrating this history - the history of the individual members of the ensemble, the director himself, their connection and individuality. And it goes even further into the past, touching the rich circus history going 400 years back and presenting the circus craft in its most basic form. From abstract minimalism to traditional buffoonery from medieval markets.

The staging talks to all five senses and defends the right of circus art not to be intellectual and rational, but on the contrary bodily and emotional, focused on the feelings through which we perceive the world. Circus in its tradtional form offers an experience that no other art form matches. The tightness brought by sitting on benches and the closeness of other people, the taste of popcorn, the smell of the animals and sometimes the artists, the noise, the fear of injury and death, absolute absorption, creating a whole other intense world around you. Senses offers a modern twist on this history, catering something for all our senses. 

You can look forward to various styles and genres of circus art, from aerial acrobaticsteeterboard jumps to juggling, dance, clownery and working with various objects. The show puts on stage a free-flowing mix between different styles and genres, playfully jumping between circus and dance accompanied by theatrical elements and stage art.

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