Visit the ŠKODA Museum and ŠKODA AUTO production plants. We offer guided as well as individual tours of the Museum and ŠKODA AUTO production sites, worksheet-aided tours for children and Museum tours for blind and visually impaired visitors. Excursions to the production shops and ŠKODA Museum guided tours need to be booked ahead.

For guided tours – please notify the staff at the ŠKODA Museum reception desk 10 minutes before the planned start. Your guide will meet you there.

Guides providing specialised commentary are available for the whole duration of the tour. We ask you to make use of our guides' foreign language skills in order to convey linguistically accurate and truthful information.

Tours are given in the following languages: Czech – English – French – German – Dutch – Russian

ŠKODA Museum Visitor rules


To book a tour with a guide-provided commentary or buy an e-ticket, please use the online system:


Other Museum tours

Online tours

Explore the ŠKODA Museum exhibition from the comfort of your home and find more about the ŠKODA AUTO heritage dating back to 1895.

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Tours for children

The brand provides kindergarten and elementary-school groups with entertaining, worksheet-based tours (worksheets are age appropriate). More information about tours for kindergartens & schools and worksheet specimens are available here.

Visual impairments

Visually impaired visitors are welcome. To a large extent, the Museum is lit by daylight, and we therefore recommend coming at times when the daylight intensity is highest. Our guides are trained to provide tactile tours. Visits need to be booked in advance. More information.

Tours for the media

Tours need to be booked in advance at the Press Department.
Please, contact:
+420 734 298 184

We offer tours of the brand’s main plant in Mladá Boleslav, as well as the plants in Vrchlabí and Kvasiny. 

Excursions to the production shops need to be booked ahead.

Visitor groups are provided with headsets. Our professional guides provide a professional presentation and are available throughout the tour. To guarantee that you get appropriate information including correct terminology, you are kindly requested to rely on our guides rather than your own interpreters.

Age limit:
The excursion to a plant is possible only for persons over 10 years old. Visiting minors over the age of 10 may enter the Company’s premises only if accompanied by their legal representatives or by adults supervising the minors. The legal representative or the person supervising the minor(s) is obliged to properly supervise the minor’s conduct, to be continuously knowledgeable of their movement and to prevent any of their actions that could cause damage.

All visitor groups are provided with headsets – for information/comfort and safety reasons, high-visibility vests and goggles for the welding shop excursion. Individual factory tours are not available. Visitors may enter the Company’s premises only in sturdy shoes without high heels. Individual factory tours are not possible.

Smoking is prohibited inside the Company’s premises as well as on marked plots.

Visitor Rules 


It is not possible to visit production plants on holidays and days without a production program, especially on the following dates: 4. – 8. 7. 2022; 25.7. – 5. 8. 2022; 18. 11. 2022; 27. – 30. 12. 2022

Na Karmeli Education Centre

Situated above the Jizera valley in the historical centre of Mladá Boleslav, the Education Centre was officially opened on 20 September, 2007. The Centre and several company departments are part of the ŠKODA AUTO University Campus. 



To book a tour with a guide-provided commentary or buy an e-ticket, please use the online system:


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