škoda adventure

Anyone who wants to experience automotive history in a unique way will love the new, free ‘ŠKODA Adventure’ smartphone app. The mobile history app takes users on two routes through the historical development of Mladá Boleslav, where the carmaker has been operating since 1895, and the ŠKODA Museum. In addition to many exciting insights, there are also varied and entertaining challenges.

They were the Czech pioneers of individual mobility: around Christmas 1895, the enthusiastic cyclists Václav Laurin and Václav Klement laid the foundation stone for ŠKODA AUTO in Mladá Boleslav. Today, 126 years later, the company is not only one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world still in business; Mladá Boleslav, where ŠKODA’s parent plant, the company’s management, the R&D headquarters, the ŠKODA AUTO University and the ŠKODA Museum are located, also continues to play a central role in the ŠKODA cosmos. And it is into this that ŠKODA fans of all ages can now immerse themselves in an extraordinary way.

The free mobile history app ‘ŠKODA Adventure’ accompanies visitors to each historical station associated with Laurin & Klement/ŠKODA AUTO. The app, which is as educational as it is entertaining, is available from the AppStore and Google Play. Users can choose from two independent routes. It is therefore up to them to decide whether to take one or both of the tours, or in which order.

App can be downloaded for free via:


Journey through Mladá Boleslav

A total of twelve stations await users on the tour through ŠKODA AUTO’s home town. At each one, they have to solve a challenge that unlocks the path to the next station.

All the locations in the app are directly linked to the historical development of ŠKODA AUTO. The range of topics is very broad; along the 3.5-kilometre route, visitors will learn more about the founding fathers Laurin and Klement, gain insights into former and current ŠKODA production sites and also visit other points of interest connected to ŠKODA.

The entire route – including the challenges – can be completed in one and a half to two hours.

Journey through the ŠKODA Museum

The second route in the ‘ŠKODA Adventure’ app takes visitors to Mladá Boleslav town centre, where the ŠKODA Museum is located. After the foundation stone for the collection was laid in the mid-1960s, the current ŠKODA Museum first opened its doors to visitors in 1995. Housed in a restored historic factory building, the facility also has its own workshop and an extensive archive. Around 350 exhibits are currently on display at the ŠKODA Museum, the oldest of which, a SLAVIA bicycle, dates back to 1899; and of course, the VOITURETTE A, the Laurin & Klement brand’s first automobile, is not to be missed. After purchase of the admission at the ŠKODA Museum reception, visitors unlock seven tasks by loading the pictogram of the ‘ŠKODA Adventure’ app. They can be completed in any order. Users will find hints on how to solve them throughout the ŠKODA Museum and in the app itself. The ŠKODA Museum is open daily from 09:00 to 17:00.