Grandma Zetka

Lecture cycle Technology crossroads

Grandma Zetka

08. 11. 2023



Wednesday 8 November 2023 | from 5:30 p.m.
Ferdinand Porsche Birth House
Free entry

‘Granny Zetka’ - 100 years since the production of the first car in Zbrojovka, Brno 
In 1923, Ing.  Břetislav Novotný created a prototype of a small people’s car named Omega for Československá Zbrojovka, Brno. In November 1924, the Brno Zbrojovka officially launched its first automobile DISK. Sylva Zouharová Dyková, curator of the Brno Technical Museum, where she is responsible for historic vehicles and combustion engines, will narrate the beginnings of Brno’s Zetka. 

You can have a look at the exhibition before the lecture.

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