Besides the unique opportunity to explore ŠKODA AUTO’s past and present, the ŠKODA Museum building offers a variety of conference rooms and premises for rent. Situated in a historical setting, the Museum building houses modern conference rooms and premises suited to host various events, concerts, exhibitions and meetings. Given the size of the complex, the ŠKODA Museum offers premises suitable for minor corporate events, as well as a multi-function conference room designed to accommodate hundreds of guests. The central idea behind this project was to combine the historical elements of the building with progressive technologies to create unique, state-of-the-art premises.

Sophisticated multi-function 930m² (10,000 ft²) room designed for social, business and education purposes, a perfect venue for various events and special exhibitions organised by ŠKODA, its partners and third-party organisations.

With state-of-the-art solutions, such a hydraulic multi-function stage and auditorium, the Laurin & Klement Forum is one of the Czech Republic's most modern multi-function centres and the only centre of its kind in Central Europe, directly linked to the world of automotive history.

Situated in the middle of the Museum building, this unique room offers high flexibility in terms of organising various in-house and third-party events, including vehicle presentations, press conferences, concerts, etc. The Laurin & Klement Forum is 37 m long, 23.6 m wide and 10.6 m high, and can also be used for special exhibitions – sophisticated mobile elements lend the premises unique flexibility. The side walls (both glazed and fixed walls are available) that separate the room from the "Tradition" and "Precision" exhibition sections are a sliding system that can be opened to convert the whole Museum into a large room – a continuum extending from the renovation workshop to a large glazed wall that "opens" the Museum out to the street. This, actually, works both ways – exhibitions can partly or completely become an active part of this multi-function room.

The basic architecture of these premises is well-arranged and precise, with clean basic shapes and smooth materials. The premium -quality parquet floor helps create an elegant but relaxed atmosphere. Fitted with modern equipment, the stage (9x7 m) can be smoothly raised up to 100 cm. Special reinforcement elements have been used to achieve a load carrying capacity of 5 t/m², and the biggest highlight is an integrated, electricity-powered turntable to provide additional mobility at events of various kinds. The auditorium is designed to accommodate 376 guests, and a further 200 seats are available in the Gallery and annexes. The entire stands can be folded and moved under the floor (experts refer to this system as a "telescopic auditorium") to create a large, empty 900 m² assembly/dance room suited for various occasions.

Virtual tour of Laurin & Klement Forum here.

Laurin & Klement
Total area: 930 m² (10,000 ft²)
Number of seats: up to 582
Adjustable platform: 9x7 m
Stage 17x9 m
Ceiling Height: 10.6 m

Our conference rooms are situated on the first floor of one of the oldest factory buildings, and are perfectly suited for organising private meetings. We offer a variety of room arrangement options, including a variety of furniture and presentation equipment configurations.

Modern, well-lit room suitable for presentations, screening sessions, banquets, celebrations, meetings, training sessions, workshops, courses and others, with an acoustically separated interpreter booth. Designed to accommodate as many as 40 persons, fitted with a projector, screen and visualiser.

Virtual tour of Hieronimus I. here.

Hieronimus I.
Total area: 100 m² (1,080 ft²)
Number of seats: up to 40

Modern, spacious room (215 m²) suitable for presentations, screening sessions, banquets, celebrations, meetings, training sessions, workshops, courses, and others, with a variety of furniture configuration options. Designed to accommodate as many as 96 persons, fitted with a projector, screen, visualiser and TV set.

Virtual tour of Hieronimus II. here.

Hieronimus II.
Total area: 215 m² (2,315 ft²)
Number of seats: up to 96

This conference room (70 m²) is suitable for closed small-group sessions such as presentations, projection sessions, meetings, training sessions, workshops, courses, etc. Designed to accommodate as many as 37 persons, fitted with a wide-screen TV set.

Total area: 70 m2

Number of seats: up to 37

Streaming studio

Kolowrat is designed also for professional live streams, as well as for recording content for later broadcasts, this room is equipped with systems for complete management of web presentations and seminars, conferences, news programmes, online training sessions, etc., including a pair of cameras and a direction booth to give the resulting video products the necessary dynamics. Professional technical support throughout each event is a matter of course.

Technical specifications and more details about this room are available here.


Room rental service

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