31 MAR, 2020



31. 3. | 19:00

Hall L&K Forum

Admission CZK 300


Interactive programme of Jaroslav Svěcený will lead young listeners to the misterious history of violin. He will wow the audience by his narration, presenting 300 years old instruments coming from the famous Italian Cremona, Paris and other locations. Using these violin jewels, he will play samples from music by Antonio Vivaldi, J. S. Bach, Nicola Paganini, but also his own compositions. Jaroslav Svěcený is also an expert witness in the field of bowed instruments, he hosted programmes in the Czech Radio for many years and he can engagingly answer the questions of young listeners. Which are the oldest violins, what is the name of makers who made hundreds years before already in the highest quality? What is the price of such an instrument? How is it possible that the instruments last for such a long time in perfect condition? What can be played with violin? One question and answer will follow another... This programme is part of the project of Jaroslav Svěcený under an overall name Violino, and is dedicated to pupils of lower secondary school and students of secondary schools.

L&K Forum from 10:00. Programme length: approx. 70 min. Admission CZK 140, pedagogical accompaniment for free.

Ticket booking and further Information: Martina Vlčková, tel. 602 264 812, martina@hudebnidilny-mb.cz.


Advance booking at the ŠKODA Museum reception at TicketMaster.

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