Standing exhibition


The exhibition section dedicated to "Tradition" reflects the brand's values and attitudes. Six beautiful ŠKODA vehicles representing various periods and classes, as well as all the other exhibits, documents and facsimiles demonstrate the brand's three values: pride, everydayness and challenge. These values have always been and still are typical of the company's growth. Put together, they have contributed to creating a relaxed, multifarious presentation to offer a multitude of exciting perspectives. Whether it is a vehicle designed for a head of state, vehicles for ordinary people or rally cars, there are few brands with a "repertoire" as extensive as that of ŠKODA.

Proud of the brand

The first showcase highlights the brand's importance for its home, the Czech Republic. Besides its own popularity, ŠKODA spreads the good reputation of the Czech Republic, being a synonym for the country's international success and recognition as a region with a long tradition of industrial excellence. Employees, friends, fans... basically all Czechs are aware and proud of ŠKODA's strengths and achievements.

Everyday life

The next section of the exhibition demonstrates ŠKODA's ubiquity in the Czech Republic. Influencing the picture of Czech roads like no other brand, ŠKODA is a people's brand in the Czech Republic. The Museum's vehicles for everyday life include, among others, the ŠKODA Popular 995 and ŠKODA 125L. "Things gain its real beauty through their relevance to our lives", a quotation by Czech journalist Jiří Mucha, introduces the second showcase. The Popular 995 was produced between 1939 and 1946, and was based on a revolutionary lightweight and cost-effective concept that made the long-time dream of an ordinary people's car come true.

Ready for challenges

Challenges are the third important component. ŠKODA has always been open to new tasks, from development of new vehicles to extreme trips and motorsport challenges – anything is possible at ŠKODA. The presentation pays special attention to the 114-year history of the brand's motorsport efforts, and motorsport is the core of the third section. ŠKODA has been successful in motorsport for 114 years, and its numerous achievements are represented by two rallying legends. This theme is illustrated by a quotation by Olympic winner Emil Zátopek: "When you have no more strength, just speed up."

ŠKODA story

Employees are the key pillar of ŠKODA's success. Many families have been working for the brand for generations, like the Mulačs: five family members, three generations, one employer. Karel spent many years at ŠKODA working as a machine fitter, his wife Miloslava worked as a chemical lab assistant. Their son Karel works as a vehicle safety specialist, and the third generation (grandchildren) follows suit: Karel is a ŠKODA mechatronics specialist and Tereza is a ŠKODA AUTO University student.

Evolution – tribute to company founders

Unique vintage cars, original documents signed by the company founders, films and documentaries dating back to the beginnings of the automotive era – you will find all that and much more in the exhibition section called "Evolution", with 845 sqm the largest independent part of the new ŠKODA Museum. Visitors are invited to a fascinating journey through ŠKODA's 120-year history. The "Evolution" section is also visible from the arcade, through a glazed wall.

Milestones - from a bicycle to the VisionD

​L&K type B motorcycle (1902)

​Produced in 1900-1903 with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine, 540 units produced.
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L&K – Škoda 110 (1929)

Cars produced in the second half of the 1920s had both logos on the radiator — Laurin & Klement as well as Škoda.
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Škoda 1000 MB type 990 (1966)

Car with engine in the rear. Produced in 1964 – 1969, approx. 440,000 “thousands” were manufactured.
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A chronological product timeline in the middle of the exhibition area shows the key milestones. The Museum proudly presents vehicles that have substantially influenced and/or are still influencing the brand: from the bicycle that started the whole story to a modern concept car called the VisionD. Fourteen vehicles representing the key eras and stages of the brand's history are arranged in two lines, from the oldest one to the most recent one, with direct relevance to the present.


Renovation shop in a historical place

The production and renovation of vehicles is the main theme of the exhibition section called "Precision". The exhibition illustrates the process of accurate renovation of old-time cars, from the stage of finding the right vehicle to that of producing a perfect vintage car. The "Precision" features two key subjects: while the Renovation part offers the Museum visitors a glimpse of the fascinating world of vintage cars, the Production part shows interfaces between the historical car manufacturing processes and the current ones, right in the historical production hall used by the company founders, Messrs. Laurin & Klement.
The latter "Precision" theme takes the form of a multimedia presentation to map out the history and present of car manufacturing in Mladá Boleslav. The cradle of the Czech automotive industry is presented in chronologically arranged large-scale albums (A2) featuring production plant photographs and interesting information.

Using a 12 x 2.8 m screen, the Museum's 54-seat cinema presents films about the history and present of car manufacturing. The current production premises are accessible as part of the guided tour, subject to prior booking.


Technological Gallery - the history of technological progress

The Technological Gallery is situated in front of a street-facing glazed wall that extends nearly along the whole length of this room. Automobile milestones are arranged parallel with a long. gradually widening desk to present the history of ŠKODA's technological development efforts (with a corresponding chronology).

The Gallery mainly features technological exhibits, such as car engines, ignition boxes, chassis, lights, crankshafts and forging tools, as well as an airplane engine. The visitors can see how many widely used innovations have been introduced by ŠKODA engineers.