Current exhibitions

Current exhibitions

All short-term exhibitions are accessible with a regular ticket. Alternatively, you can buy a specially-priced all-year ŠKODA Museum ticket.
From the early hand-produced ads for bicycles and motorbikes, and flyers and brochures for individual models, all the way to the complete image and product campaigns, see the all the styles, techniques and designs of LAURIN & KLEMENT and ŠKODA advertising in the various stages of their development. Our exhibition offers a unique insight into the communication strategy of the Czech carmaker in its social context and it is available to the public from 1 February 2018.
Český betlém David Černý: Czech Bethlehem
One of a kind exhibition of bronze objects by the visual artist David Černý, portraying scenic images from Czech history and culture. Elaborate in detail, the statues depict the traditional nativity scene. The series, created for Autostadt/Wolfsburg, Germany on the occasion of EXPO 2000, consists of 12 objects.

News & Press releases

01.06. 2018 - Part of exhibition closed.
As a special summertime offer (30 July – 31 August), visitors without their own car use a Museum-provided bus service for tours of ŠKODA AUTO´s production plant in Mladá Boleslav. This service is only available on working days. The plant tours start at 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM and are followed by a commented tour of the ŠKODA Museum and its depository. The total duration of this programme is 3 hours. The price of this excursion is identical with that stated in our current price list. The plant tour is available to visitors aged 10 and over. The service capacity is limited. For more information and to book tickets please contact the ŠKODA Museum Visitor Service on +420 326 831 134.
Ferdinand Porsche Birth House will be closed on 02.06. 2018 till 1:30 pm.
01.06. 2018 - ŠKODA Museum Parking Area closed.
01.06. 2018 - Vaclav Restaurant closed all day.
Dear visitors, changes to the parking arrangements at the ŠKODA Museum and Customer Centre car park will come into effect on 1 February.

An uncontrollable number of cars was preventing visitors to the ŠKODA Museum and Customer Centre, for whom the car park is intended, from parking.

Visitors and customers of the ŠKODA Museum and Restaurant VÁCLAV may continue to park free of charge. The following rules now apply:

> You will receive a parking ticket from our staff when entering the car park.
> Please, take the parking ticket with you to the ŠKODA Museum reception desk. If you purchase a tour ticket, your parking ticket will be stamped, entitling you to free parking.
> Please, give the stamped parking ticket to the staff when leaving the car park.
> The same applies to visitors of Restaurant VÁCLAV: When paying the bill, simply ask our staff to stamp your parking ticket.

IMPORTANT! The parking ticket must be stamped when buying a tour ticket at the ŠKODA Museum, or when paying the bill at Café/Restaurant VÁCLAV. It is not possible to get a stamp for free parking at a later time.

Standard car park arrangements:
> The car park opening hours (with staff) during weekdays are 05:30 to 20:00.
> Parking during weekends and national holidays is free (without staff).
> The first 90 minutes of parking is free for everyone. You will be charged CZK 30 for every hour begun thereafter.
> After 17:00, the ticket price is CZK 50, and nobody will be allowed into the car park without purchasing a ticket. This arrangement also applies in cases of extended opening hours.
> When leaving the parking lot, the driver shall hand over the parking ticket to the staff and pay in accordance with the valid price list.
> If the ticket is lost, the standard fee is CZK 1000.
> Buses with visitors to the ŠKODA Museum may park free of charge for the duration of the tour.
> We may close the car park, or extend opening hours as necessary.