Event programme

Besides being a venue for various company presentations, conferences and meetings, the ŠKODA Museum serves as a culture and entertainment centre, hosting a variety of cultural, educational and entertainment events.

We cordially invite all children of school and preschool age to attend an entertaining and educational afternoon at the ŠKODA Museum, this time inspired by the current exhibition “Victories Full of Dust: 1908”. Together with children, we will travel to the beginning of the twentieth century when the Laurin & Klement company belonged by right to the “Automobile Olympus”, collected dozens of prizes from racing circuits and reliability rides, achieved world-class speed records, and the brand prestige was growing at an incredible pace. Parents' participation is welcome but not necessary. ŠKODA Museum, from 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM. Entrance fee: CZK 50. Bookings: 326 8 32038.
Beautiful black voices and brilliant musicians present the music which was inspiring for many current trends.

Blues-rock concert of the great singer and unique guitarist Dani Robinson and his band. Dani, a black predator, is referred to as Jimi Hendrix's incarnation and regularly play concerts with the only living member of Jimi's band, the bassist Billy Cox. During the concert, Dani's debut album with his own songs will be ceremonially launched. L&K Forum, from 7:00 PM. Entrance fee: CZK 220.

Concert of the blues queen full of energetic singing. A native of Philadelphia, African-American singer and lyricist, will bring blues, soul and gospel as well as her own original songs. Powerful music and smiles complemented by the incredible charisma of Juwana Jenkins promise an unforgettable musical experience. L&K Forum, from 7:00 PM. Entrance fee: CZK 260.

Swing Evening inspired by Broadway Show where you can enjoy the famous Jazz and Latin songs sung by Chuck Wansley - a star with an inimitable, beautiful black voice. Accompanied by an outstanding Czech-Slovak jazz trio composed by Ondrej Krajňák - piano, Josef Fečo - double bass and Otto Hejnic - drums. L&K Forum, from 7:00 PM. Entrance fee: CZK 260. Subscription ticket price: CZK 620. Individual ticket sales starting on 20 August, 2018. Table arrangement.
David Koller and his band will play the greatest hits of David’s solo career. Of course, you can look forward to the songs of the Lucie band, too - you can enjoy songs like “Chci zas v tobě spát”, “Gipsy love”, “Recidiva” or “Amerika”. L&K Forum, from 7:00 PM. Advance tickets: CZK 400, door price: CZK 450. Standing tickets only.
Lecture by the famous coach and mentor Jan Mühlfeit and Kateřina Novotná illuminates the key points in understanding the strengths not only of children, but also of students and adults. Every child is born as an original with a number of talents and strengths. Unfortunately, the classic school model often does not develop them and it focuses rather on weak sites and on the elimination of errors. It is important to help children / students to find their talents, to support them in their development, and to teach them to start using their strengths effectively in their lives. Among other things, you will learn how our brain works in stress, how to deal with stress or why not only motivation, but also inspiration is important. The lecture is intended mainly for parents and the general public, but also for students and for anyone interested in developing their self-knowledge. L&K Forum, from 6:30 PM. Length approx. 1.5 – 2 h. Entrance fee: CZK 180.
After the summer break, the second part of the series will start with a lecture by the respected publicist Jan Tuček, dedicated to the cars of the First Republic (1918-1938). Development of domestic motoring will be presented in a wider context. Attention will be paid, for example, to the competition of the Czechoslovak car makers, after which the ŠKODA brand emerged victorious. The author will point out the famous models of POPULAR and RAPID in response to ŠKODA's global economic crisis, rear-engine prototypes, successes of the ŠKODA cars in races and competitions, etc. L&K Forum, from 5:30 PM. Free admission.

23. 10. – ALL PRESIDENT'S CARS (Lukáš Nachtmann)
After the successful concert of Prague Cello Quartet from the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra cycle, we invite you to another tasting of the most original and most interesting selection from the philharmonic menu for small and big gourmets. You have a great opportunity to get to know the various instruments of the symphony orchestra and also the Czech Philharmonic players and their guests. This time, drum section of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra will present themselves in Mladá Boleslav.

Do you know which philharmonic musician can play the biggest number of instruments? Yes, it is a percussionist! They can play countless peculiar instruments starting from the triangle to what is called the “cucumber”. You will discover the mysterious contents of the drum instruments storeroom with the Czech Philharmonic percussionists and their apprentices. The concert is hosted by Klára Boudalová.

L&K Forum, from 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM for primary schools, entrance fee: CZK 140, teacher accompaniment for free. L&K Forum, from 6:30 PM for the general public and secondary schools, entrance fee: CZK 300, children and youth up to eighteen years: CZK 150. The concert takes place in cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.
4. 10. – SOME LIKE IT HOT – 55
55th anniversary concert celebration of a band from Mladá Boleslav called Hot Club. You can also look forward to the famous Prague Classic Jazz Collegium, as a guest. L&K Forum, from 7:00 PM. Entrance fee: CZK 160.
15. 11. – KRYŠTOF “ONLY SONGS TOUR 2018”
Concert tickets SOLD OUT!
Events held at the ŠKODA Museum may include production of photographs and audio recordings involving Event Participants that may subsequently by used for news and information purposes in ŠKODA AUTO´s internal media and regional media. If you, as an Event Participant concerned, do not agree to the use of such photographs and audio recordings, please email us at info.muzeum@skoda-auto.cz .
Before every event you can enjoy refreshments in Café/Restaurant VÁCLAV.

 Print out for reference: Program of Cultural Events and Exhibitions September / September

VÁCLAV Café/Restaurant

Visit the VÁCLAV Café/Restaurant in the ŠKODA Museum building! Operated by Zátiší Group (catering company), VÁCLAV offers high-quality meals and beverages, a pleasant atmosphere and a modern interior surrounded by a historical setting.

   Open daily between 9 AM and 5 PM; tel. 326 8 31243.

News & Press releases

8/28/2018 IMPORTANT
​From September the 1st is cash payment possible only in CZK.
As a special summertime offer (30 July – 31 August), visitors without their own car use a Museum-provided bus service for tours of ŠKODA AUTO´s production plant in Mladá Boleslav. This service is only available on working days. The plant tours start at 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM and are followed by a commented tour of the ŠKODA Museum and its depository. The total duration of this programme is 3 hours. The price of this excursion is identical with that stated in our current price list. The plant tour is available to visitors aged 10 and over. The service capacity is limited. For more information and to book tickets please contact the ŠKODA Museum Visitor Service on +420 326 831 134.
Dear visitors, changes to the parking arrangements at the ŠKODA Museum and Customer Centre car park will come into effect on 1 February.

An uncontrollable number of cars was preventing visitors to the ŠKODA Museum and Customer Centre, for whom the car park is intended, from parking.

Visitors and customers of the ŠKODA Museum and Restaurant VÁCLAV may continue to park free of charge. The following rules now apply:

> You will receive a parking ticket from our staff when entering the car park.
> Please, take the parking ticket with you to the ŠKODA Museum reception desk. If you purchase a tour ticket, your parking ticket will be stamped, entitling you to free parking.
> Please, give the stamped parking ticket to the staff when leaving the car park.
> The same applies to visitors of Restaurant VÁCLAV: When paying the bill, simply ask our staff to stamp your parking ticket.

IMPORTANT! The parking ticket must be stamped when buying a tour ticket at the ŠKODA Museum, or when paying the bill at Café/Restaurant VÁCLAV. It is not possible to get a stamp for free parking at a later time.

Standard car park arrangements:
> The car park opening hours (with staff) during weekdays are 05:30 to 20:00.
> Parking during weekends and national holidays is free (without staff).
> The first 90 minutes of parking is free for everyone. You will be charged CZK 30 for every hour begun thereafter.
> After 17:00, the ticket price is CZK 50, and nobody will be allowed into the car park without purchasing a ticket. This arrangement also applies in cases of extended opening hours.
> When leaving the parking lot, the driver shall hand over the parking ticket to the staff and pay in accordance with the valid price list.
> If the ticket is lost, the standard fee is CZK 1000.
> Buses with visitors to the ŠKODA Museum may park free of charge for the duration of the tour.
> We may close the car park, or extend opening hours as necessary.